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Community Prayer service

Community Prayer service

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Experience the power of community and connection through our weekly Community Prayer Ritual services. Join a collective space where intentions are shared, and energies are amplified. Through sacred rituals and guided prayers, you can tap into the collective consciousness and create a powerful ripple effect of positive change. Feel the support of a like-minded community as you engage in spiritual practices that nurture your soul.


Choose from our  General Healing Performed on Sunday community service or our other options :  

  • St Michael Protection : For protection & defense from curses , evil eye , and negativity (performed on Monday's).

  • St Martin De Porres  : Assistance with healing, seeking employment, guidance, and to overcome racial injustice matters (Performed on Wednesdays)

  • Love : Self love, seeking a new love, and increasing the love within an existing relationship (performed on Fridays).

  • Jupiter's Treasure : Luck, Prosperity, and money drawing (Performed on Thursdays).


This is a spiritual service which you will receive pictures as well as a 1 oracle card message report along with brief advice from   my spirits regarding your petition. The cut-off time is 5:00 PM PST for all Community Services, so make sure to purchase before then to join the current week's ritual. All Services Purchased after the Cut-off time will automatically be included in the next week's service slot.


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